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Privately owned enterprise "Korpus-PI" was founded in March 1996. The main profile of our firm is a wide range of international trade services.

Beginning from March 1996 PE "Korpus-PI" is a regional dealer of prominent Ukrainian customs software developer STE "INTES" (Kiev).

On March 12, 1998 our enterprise obtained customs brokers license 20000/013-00495.

Our enterprise is working and has offices at all the Lviv customs departments, as well as at the Central Energy Customs.

Beginning from March 2000 POE "Korpus-PI" is a Customs brokers association of Ukraine member.

Beginning from August 2006 POE "Korpus-PI" is an Association of Participants of International Trade of Ukraine member.

Beginning from August 2007, POE "Korpus-PI" is an European Business Associations member.

Beginning from January 2010, POE "Korpus-PI" is a Customs brokers association of Ukraine regional representative


    Due to

  • our employees high proffesional level

  • devotion to the client interests

  • great experience in customs service line

  • advanced hardware and software (including that of our own production)

  • convenient positioning of our offices adjecent to the customs houses

  • constant improvement of business skills and the search for advanced forms of dealings with clients

  • our employees speaking Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Netherland, Polish languages
our enterprise has been developed into one of the leading customs brokers firms of the Lviv Customs.

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About us